About Us


Bastanpol Engineering group’s missions

گThe Bastanpol group provides structural engineering services, including structural design and value engineering, proper structural supervision, design and production of new construction products to be delivered to builders and builders directly through or through consulting firms and architectural design teams. Throughout Iran and neighboring countries, an upgrade of the quality of construction structures and the achievement of World Day technology and job creation, claims the provision of country-level computing and structure maps with the most powerful specialized software, and accurate monitoring, solution and problem solving. Executive at the construction stage, with the use of specialized forces Committed, and using the knowledge of engineering day and new technologies of building industry in the implementation of the structure.

BastanPol group’s statements of value

  • We are committed to the accuracy and quality of the calculations and outbound plans of the group
  • We believe in the highest level of supervision and implementation of buildings in terms of technical and engineering principles, and we are committed in doing it.
  • We are committed in providing all the services and products we offer.
  • We are committed in providing the welfare and health of the employees, along with their growth and excellence in the light of order, creativity and collective cooperation.

The Perspective of the Bastanpal Group

The BastanPol Group plan is to reach the following levels within the next three years:

  • Recognizing the position of the country’s top brand in the design, supervision and construction of special constructed structures
  • Acquiring a share of more than 30% of the market for the design and supervision of structures of large and special buildings in Tehran
  • Promotion and advancement in the field of modern construction technologies by producing a product or structural design methodology based on the up to dated world’s technology.

Why Choose Us ?

Expertise, commitment , and honesty of our group

BastanPol engineering group consisting of experts and specialists in fields of civil engineering and construction, is committed to complying with country rules and world regulations. The group with its integrity and transparency will meet all the requirements of ongoing projects to carry them out perfectly.

Our commitment to making cost-effective operations and lowering expenses for customers

By using up to date knowledge and value engineering and spending a reasonable amount of time and money, the group is committed to optimizing structures and reduce administrative costs.

Using modern technologies of building industries

One of BastanPol’s strategies is using worlds up to date technology and knowledge of engineering. And for this purpose, usage of modern technologies and modern systems in building industry is set as caption.

Our mission is to improve the quality in all areas of construction

BastanPol engineering group is committed in improving the quality in all areas of construction, including the design and execution. And endeavors in achieving the best quality in both designing and presenting the structural drawings, the most accurate monitoring and implementation and the most resilient implemented structures.

Implementation of complex ideas and architectural designs

One of the distinguishing features of BastanPol engineering group’s design and implementations is implementing all the specific and complex architectural designs or designing the structure or strategic monitoring on its proper implementation.